Frederic Ayant, Dr. Gulshan Chand Gupta, Dr. Vinod Gill

In the present paper we rst establish an interesting new chain interconnecting a number of multivariable I-transform
of Prathima et al. [6] by the method of mathematical induction. Full care has been taken of all the convergence
and existence conditions for the validity of the chain. The chain established herein has been put in a very compact
form and it exhibits interesting relationship existing between images and originals of a series of related functions in
several multidimensional I-function. The importance of our ndings lies in the fact that it involves the multivariable
I-function which is suciently general in nature and so a large number of chains involving other simpler and useful
integral transforms of one and more variables follow as special ceses of our chain merely by specializing the parameters.
In the end, we shall see several corollaries.


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