Ai Nakagawa and Takeo R.M. Nakagawa

This paper is concerned with measurement of Airy waves by Tension Thread Flow Meter.

The utility and potential of the Tension Thread Flow Meter to measure water particle velocity ranging from 0 to 100 mm/s in the periodic oscillatory gravity waves, have been successfully demonstrated.   It is realized that Tension Thread Flow Meter can measure the velocity vector while the water particles are changing the direction from 0 to 360 .  It is found that comparing with other existing flowmeters Tension Thread Flow Meter is quite suitable to measure flow velocity very close to solid boundary.   It has been verified by measurements of waves with Tension Thread Flow Meter that the present data on waves show a good agreement with Airy wave theory. That is, it is inferred that both of Airy wave theory and the present flowmeter are reliable research means. It is suggested that these characteristic points together with the robustness of Tension Thread Flow Meter to be used both of laboratory and experiment are critical in the progress of flowmeter.


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