Robust Mantel-Haenszel Test using Probabilistic Approach


Awopeju K.A, Umeh E.U, and Ajibade B.F.

Mantel-Haenszel test statistic is one of the common test statistics for test of significance variation between/among factors and its application is similar to One-way Analysis of Variance and Kruskal-Wallis test statistics. The method can be categorized as non-parametric and robust in nature. It has been used over time by researchers for test of significance variation among factors. Critical look at the test statistic reveals it weakness which is inability to remove variation among factors in terms of sample size or weight. To remove biasness in the test of hypothesis with Mantel-Haenszel test as the statistic, there is need for proper and appropriate modification. This paper addressed the noticed short fall of the test statistic with illustrative example for easy computation by users. Similar data used by researchers in the past was also used in the study using the propose method called modified Mantel-Haenszel test statistic.<


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