Fatemeh Bazikar , Mansour Saraj

In the optimization literature, Geometric Programming
problems play a very important role rather than primary in engi-
neering designs. The geometric programming problem is a noncon-
vex optimization problem that has received the attention of many
researchers in the recent decades. Our main focus in this issue is
to solve a Fractional Geometric Programming (FGP) problem via
linearization technique [1]. Linearizing separately both the numera-
tor and denominator of the fractional geometric programming prob-
lem in the objective function, causes the problem to be reduced to a
Fractional Linear Programming problem (FLPP) and then the trans-
formed linearized FGP is solved by Charnes and Cooper method
which in fact gives a lower bound solution to the problem. To il-
lustrate the accuracy of the nal solution in this approach, we will
compare our result with the LINGO software solution of the initial
FGP problem and we shall see a close solution to the globally op-
timum. A numerical example is given in the end to illustrate the
methodology and eciency of the proposed approach.<


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