Hironobu Sone, Yoshinobu Tamura, Shigeru Yamada

At present, the method of earned value management is often applied to the actual software projects in various IT companies. Also, open source software (OSS) are used under the various situations, because the OSS are useful for many users to make a cost reduction, standardization of systems, and quick delivery. Many OSS are developed under the peculiar development style known as bazaar method. According to the bazaar method, many faults are detected and fixed by developers around the world, and the fixed result will be reflected in the next release. In this paper, we discuss an OSS effort estimation model by using a conventional stochastic differential equation model. Moreover, we propose an optimal maintenance problem based on the proposed effort estimation model. Then, we discuss the optimal maintenance problem minimizing the maintenance effort and satisfying the earned value requirement, simultaneously. In addition, we also propose a method of judging whether the optimal maintenance time is an appropriate time from the viewpoint of the transition probability distribution of the cumulative number of maintenance effort, because proper management of maintenance effort affects software quality. Furthermore, several numerical examples of optimal maintenance time problem with earned value requirement are shown by using the effort data under actual OSS project.


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