Octav Olteanu

Department of Mathematics-Informatics, Buchares, Romania

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    Temperature dependence of nuclear properties
    Author(s): Octav Olteanu*

    In this work, we take a look at the modifications withinside the nuclear houses with the aid of using acting systematic calculations on the chosen isotopic and isotonic chains of nuclei with growing temperature. The finite temperature Hartree–Fock–Bogoliubov (FT-HFB) calculations are completed the usage of the Skyrme-kind SkM* practical and mixed-kind pairing interaction. The modifications withinside the pairing houses, inner excitation energies, entropy, two-neutron separation energies, and neutron pores and skin thickness of nuclei are systematically studied. It is proven that each the inner excitation power and entropy are touchy to the modifications withinside the pairing houses of nuclei underneath the vital temperatures. At excessive temperatures and after T≥1 MeV, each of them boom rapidly. The nuclei close to the neutron drip strains are affected extra with the .. Read More»

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