Youssef Al-Youssef

University of Aleppo, Aleppo, Syria

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    Astrophysicists Observe Long-Theorized Quantum Phenomena
    Author(s): Youssef Al-Youssef*

    At the coronary heart of each white dwarf star—the dense stellar item that stays after a celeb has burned away its gas reserve of gases because it nears the give up of its existence cycle—lies a quantum conundrum: as white dwarfs upload mass, they reduce in size, till they come to be so small and tightly compacted that they can't maintain themselves, collapsing right into a neutron star. This confusing courting among a white dwarf’s mass and size, referred to as the mass-radius relation, became first theorized via way of means of Nobel Prize-prevailing astrophysicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar withinside the 1930s. Now, a crew of Johns Hopkins astrophysicists has advanced a technique to study the phenomenon itself the use of astronomical facts accumulated via way of means of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and a current dataset launched via way of means of the Gaia .. Read More»

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