A Chalcones: Promising Precursor in Chemistry of Heterocycles -Short Review Chalcones


Shrikrishna Tupare, Pravin Chavan

Chalcones derivatives are α, β-unsaturated ketones with the reactive ketoethylenic i.e.1, 3- diaryl-2- propen-1-ones (Ar-CH=CH-CO-Ar) group. They are coloured used as a natural pigment. It is one of the most important classes of flavonoids & iso-flavonoids across the whole edible plant kingdom. It is the oldest but remains popular in the 21st century due to a large number of replaceable hydrogens that allows a large number of derivatives. They bear excellent quality precursors because of this reason a variety of new heterocyclic compounds were synthesized. The purpose of this review is to provide an overview of some derivatives of chalcones.


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