Adsorption of copper metal ion from aqueous solution by using low cost materials


Dattatraya Jirekar, Pramila Ghumare, Shailendrasingh Thakur, Mazahar Farooqui

In this study the matki (Vigna aconitifolia) seed husk was tested for removal of Cu metal ion from solution. Batch adsorption techniques were administered to measure the adsorption characteristics of the matki seed husk for Cu (II) metal ion removal from aqueous solutions. The adsorption isotherms, thermodynamic parameters, kinetics, effect of pH were examined. The results show that the utmost adsorption capacity of matki seed husk was approximately 80.39 % Cu (II) at temperature 305 K and at the initial Cu (II) metal ion concentration of 100 mg/L and at 5.1 pH. Adsorption isotherm data might be well fitted by Frendlich isotherm equation. Thermodynamic studies confirmed that the method was spontaneous and endothermic. The adsorption amounts of Cu (II) metal ion tend to extend with the rise in of pH. The relatively low cost and high capability of the matki seed husk make it potentially attractive adsorbent for the removal of Cu (II) metal ions from waste water


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