An Introduction To Complex Arithmetic Calculus And An Original Reformulation Of The Goldbach Conjecture.


Ikorong Annouk

Prime numbers are well known ( for simple characterizations of primes via divisibility, see [11] and [12] and [13] and
[14] and [15]), and the Goldbach conjecture (see [1] or [2] or [3] or [4] or [5] or [6] or [7] or [8] or [9] or [10] or [16])
states that every even integer e  4 is of the form e = p + q, where q and p are prime. In this paper, we give an
original reformulation of the Goldbach conjecture via complex arithmetic calculus. This reformulation shows that the
Goldbach conjecture can be attacked without using strong investigations that have been on this conjecture in the past <


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