An organic solvent-free and quick determining method for routine residue monitoring of tetracycline and 4-epi-tetracycline in cow


Naoto Furusawa

Under organic solvent-free conditions, a quick, easy, small-scale sample preparation followed by an isocratic mobile phase HPLC for quantifying tetracycline (TC) and its 4-epimer, 4-epi-tetracycline (4eTC), in cow’s milk was described in this paper.  The sample preparation could be made only homogenization using a handheld ultrasonic-homogenizer with deproteining aqueous solution followed by filtration with the disposable unit.  For determination and identification of analyte, an Inertsil WP300 C4 and isocratic 100% aqueous mobile with photodiode array detector were used.  The method validation data were well within the international analytical method acceptance criteria.  The total time required for the analysis of one sample was less than 7 min.  In all the process, no organic solvents were used.  The present method may be proposed as an international harmonized analytical method for routine residue monitoring of TC and 4eTC in cow’s milk. 


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