Analysis of Futala Lake Water Nagpur City, Maharastra, India



This paper concerned the study of Futala lake water. The water of Futala Lake is debased due to substantial release of contaminated materials without acceptable treatment to expunge pernicious compounds. Water quality checking and review of the Futala Lake was implemented for numerous physico-chemical parameters in the winter season during 2015-2016. These components are: (i) pH, (ii) Electric Conductivity, (iii) Dissolved Oxygen, (iv) Biochemical Oxygen Demand, (v) Chemical Oxygen Demand, (vi) Total Phosphorous, (vii) Suspended Solid (viii) Total Nitrogen and (ix) Total Coli forms respectively. Statistical analysis like Pearson Correlation matrix and Cluster analysis were carried out to the data set to know the relationship among the studied parameters.


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