Anisotropy of some hexagonal systems


Faeq A. A. Radwan

The norm of elastic constant tensor and the norms of the irreducible parts of the elastic constants of some hexagonal systems (Apatite Fluor apatite, Hydroxyapatite, Beryl, Beryllium, Beryllium oxide, Biotite, Cadmium, Cadmium selenide, Cadmium sulfide, Cadmium telluride, Cesium copper chloride, Calcium-magnesium, Cancrinite, Cerium fluoride, Cobalt, Cobalt nickel, Co – 32 wt % Ni, Copper chloride, Dunite, Dysprosium, Erbium, Gadolinium, Gadolinium-yttrium, Gd – 40 at % Y, Gallium selenide, Graphite, Hafnium, Holmium, Indium bismuth, Indium selenide, Lead germinate vanadate, Lithium iodate, Lithium iodate, Yttrium, Zinc oxide (Zincite), Zinc selenide,and Zinc telluride) are calculated. The relation of the scalar parts norm and the other parts norms and the anisotropy of the materials are presented. The norm ratios are used as a criterion to present the anisotropy degree of the properties of these materials. 


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