Md. Zaved Hossain Khan, Quazi Salma Siddiqua, Chaitaly Tarafder, Mahbuba Daizy, Mahbuba Daizy, Md. Sohel Ahommed, Md. Riajul Islam, Nazmen Nahar, Md. Rafiul Hasan, Md. Rashid Al- Mamun, Mohamed Aly Saad Aly

In this work, the corrosion inhibition of mild steel at ambient conditions by an antibiotic in a solution that contains silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) and graphene oxide (GO) was studied. GO and AGNPs were prepared by one-step simple and ecofriendly method and characterized by different techniques. Different concentrations of the inhibitor were prepared and their inhibition efficiency in acidic media was investigated. The adsorption characteristics of the inhibitor were studied and it was found that the antibiotic (Cefixime) alone and with GO combined with AgNPs inhibit the corrosion of mild steel by being adsorbed on the surface of mild steel by a physical adsorption mechanism. The adsorption of Cefixime and GO with AgNPs on the mild steel surface was found to be spontaneous. Incorporating AgNPs and GO with Cefixime showed an additional inhibition efficiency when compared with using only Cefixime. This indicates the strong inhibition efficiency offered by incorporating the antibiotic with AgNPs and GO.


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