Muhammad Aziz

Location of study: Study was conducted in November, 2015 at Institute of Biochemistry at UOB, Quetta.

METHODOLOGY: A total no. of 63 attendants were included in the study. Relevant information was collected through nominal scale questionnaires. For this purpose a one day workshop was organized and educated audience of the city were invited for this purpose, who were asked the concerned questions through a Performa.

Result: Among the attendants, 41 females and 22 males were acquainted with the use of smart phones, despite the fact of they possessed negligible information regarding the mobile app QR code reader with partial knowledge about extremophiles’ microorganisms. The mode age of participants were 35 years and most of them were directly related to biological field with 21 years of education. Unwanted attention towards the smartphone and itching to get in touch with more people was observed.

CONCLUSIONS: We conclude from the above study that there is a partial awareness among the educated community about QR code and extremophiles’ microorganisms. They all have access to media and use smartphones. Most of them did not scan QR codes present on various products. There is an urgent need for promoting awareness about extremophiles’ microorganisms and how to use QR app in our society.


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