Cement Pastes Containing Polypropylene Fibers - Part I: Physical, Chemical and Mechanical Properties


H.H.M. Darweesh

The influence of polypropylene fibers (PPF) addition on the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of Portland cement pastes (OPC) was clearly evaluated. Results showed that as the PPF content increased, the water of consistency (WC) decreased, while the setting times (IST and FST) increased due to the presence of the water reducing mineral admixture (PPF). The Chemically-bound water content (BWn), bulk density (BD), and compressive strength (CS) improved and enhanced up to 0.6 wt. % PPF content, and then decreased onward at all curing times up till 90 days, while the apparent porosity shortened and then enhanced. Above 0.6 wt. % PPF content, all properties were adversely affected. The free lime content (FLn) of the OPC (PP0) increased continuously up till 90 days but decreased with PPF content at all curing ages and with all mixes (PP1-PP7).


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