Dr. Rahul A Hajare

 Industrial R & D is known for its post attraction after receiving a minimum qualification to get a job in research and development.  Due to ever –increasing failure rates, high cost, unsatisfactory safety profile and limited efficacy associated with production of drug.  It is also seen most of the R & Ds are convert production base R & D.  When we work on any drug in research development we started the thinking of government policies rather than a result.  Actively supports a full range of research focused on using innovation to develop practical solutions to key industry issues - including new product development and commercialization. R & D may be better known in the industry for its work in the field of certification, but it is activity as a research & development (R&D) centre in gemmology has been no less significant. Today, it is the only full-fledged research laboratory in field of gemmology in India, is very difficult recognised as a research certification laboratory. Well equipped with the most sophisticated instruments, R&D department is on par with many international laboratories, having wide ranging capabilities in different aspects of gemmology. Classical laboratory R & D is a platform to create a research mind in small spaces with negative result is best result in research that can improve the research hand and capabilities. We practiced economical laboratory R & D in small space. Here we investigated laboratoty drug through classical R&D of synthetic new drug in minimum sophisticated analytical tools and instrument. 


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