Experiments on The Effects of Reagants and Electricity on Seed Germination Growth and Viability


Parantap Nandi

Most plants develop from seeds. Dry seeds under dormant condition show no sign of life. Only on the availability of stimulants like water, an adequate temperature etc., do seeds undergo biochemical reactions and develop in to plants. Generally the first and most important thing for seeds to germinate is the availability of an optimum quantity of water. Under all circumstances seeds are soaked in ‘plain’ water before germination. They swell up, their surfaces become smooth and slowly radicles protrude. Various chemical changes occur within a seed during germination. Now these reactions may be altered by use of reagents. If the chemical natures of the constituents of seed layers are known, it may be possible to change the chemicals by suitable reactions. For E.g. if aldehydic group be present, it may either be oxidized or reduced. But if this occurs the entire process of germination and plant growth ‘should’ be affected. In this paper chemical effects on seed germination have been expounded in detail.


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