Formation of Alkaline Earth and Transition Metal Complexes with Efavirenz Drug in Ethanol-Water Media


Ramesh Ware, D. B. Jirekar, P. P. Ghumare, Shailendrasingh Thakur

The stability constant of Efavirenz drug with alkaline earth metal ions Mg(II), Ca(II)  and transition metal ions Fe(III), Cu(II) were investigate using pH metric titration technique in 20%(v/v) ethanol-water mixture at 27 °C temperature and at an ionic strength of 0.1M NaClO4.{Metal to ligand ratio = 1:5 & 1:1}The method of Calvin and Bjerrum as adopted by Irving and Rossotti has been employed to determine proton ligand (pKa) and metal-ligand stability constants (log K) values. It is observed that alkaline earth metal & transition metal ion forms 1:1 and 1:2 complexes. The order of stability constants for these metal complexes was as:                                                        Fe3+ > Cu2+ > Mg2+ > Ca2+    


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