Octav Olteanu

Inter-conversion processes of labile molecules obey similar laws to those of reversible chemical reactions. The
main purpose of this review article is to recall and improve and correct previous results on this subject. Namely,
one corrects a result on the relationship between two rate constants, in the case when an intermediate state is
involved. One proves that by increasing velocity, the concentrations of the main species at equilibrium are equal.
This assertion seems to be true in both cases: when an intermediate state is involved and in the opposite case.
In the latter case, one characterizes the property of being a projector for the linear transform defined by the
matrix of the differential system which governs the process. Namely, one proves that this transform is a projector
if and only if the rate constants have a common value. This value is ½ and equals the equal values of the
concentrations at equilibrium.


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