Investigation of Ce3+ Adsorption by Sn(OH)X by the Gravimetric Method


Jiejie Yan, Ruixin Chen, Jianshe Wang

In this work, the adsorption of Ce3+ by Sn(OH)2, SnO, and Sn(OH)4 was investigated. By comparing the mass of cerium oxalate caused by the adsorbed Ce3+, Sn(OH)2 and Sn(OH)4 have the ability to adsorb Ce3+, while Sn(OH)4 has a stronger adsorption capacity of Ce3+. However, SnO does not have the ability. The possible mechanism of Sn(OH)X adsorption Ce3+ was further discussed. And the result indicates that the hydroxide can adsorb cations by means of anionic groups on its surface in the solution so that the cations can be enriched on the hydroxide surface. The paper provides a new method for adjusting the microstructure of catalysts, which has a promising prospect in the field of catalysts preparation.


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