Tejeswara Rao Voonna, Pushpa Raju Gali, Lakshmi Kishore Pilli, Nageswara Rao Gollapalli

The ternary systems of Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes with Mercaptosuccinic acid as Primary Ligand and 1, 10-Phenanthroline as Secondary Ligand are investigated. The stability constants of the complexes were determined pH metrically in Dimethylformamide medium at 303K and = 0.16 mol/L NaCl. The predominant species detected are MLX, ML2X, MLXH and MLX2H. Models containing different numbers of species were refined by using the computer program MINIQUAD75. The best-fit chemical models were arrived at based on statistical parameters. The relative stabilities of the ternary complexes and species distributions of all complexes in solution were evaluated.


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