Resealed Erythrocyte: An Approach to Targeted Drug Delivery (A Review)


Roshani Kumari, P.D. Panda, Reena Singh, D.K. Vishwakarma, J.N. Mishra, Navneet K. Verma

Application of erythrocytes, the most abundant cells of the human body with desirable physiologic and morphologic characteristics, in drug delivery has been exploited extensively. Among the various carriers used for targeting drugs to various body tissues, the cellular carriers meet several criteria desirables in clinical applications, among the most important being biocompatibility of carrier and its degradation products. Leucocytes, platelets, erythrocytes, Nano erythrocytes, hepatocytes, and fibroblasts etc. have been proposed as cellular carrier systems. Among these, the erythrocytes have been the most investigated and have found to possess greater potential in drug delivery. Biopharmaceuticals, therapeutically significant peptides and proteins, nucleic acid-based biological, antigens, anticancer drug and vaccines, are among the recently focused pharmaceuticals for being delivered using carrier erythrocytes. Erythrocytes, also known as red blood cells, and have been extensively studied for their potential carrier capabilities for the delivery of drugs. The biocompatibility, non-pathogenicity, non-immunogenicity and biodegradability make them unique and useful carriers.


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