rGonanostructure Electrode Material for High-Performance Super-Capacitor Application


Shikha Chander, Meenu Mangal

Carbon materials are usually light, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly with excellent reinforcement ability. They are very promising materials for the development of future generation electronics and energy storage devices. rGO has attracted interest as electrode material for energy storage owing to its high surface area, stability, and porosity. A facile method to prepare reduced graphene oxide with enhanced performance has been synthesized by chemical reduction and exfoliation from graphene oxide and exfoliated to rGO. Their efficient chemical and electrical properties, such as high conductivity efficient electrochemical stability, enable them to fulfill the requirement of modern electronic industries. The morphology showed that rGO possessed a multiple-layered structure and is porous. The electrochemical properties of rGO have been investigated as supercapacitors. The electrochemical performance of rGO showed that a specific capacitance of 70F/g at 1 A/g, capacitance retention curve showed 69.4% retention after 1000 charge-discharge cycles at 1 A/g indicating rGO can be used in high-performance supercapacitor applications. The CV curves of rGO can keep rectangular even at a scan rate of 200 m/s; this can be due to the presence of a residual oxygen-containing functional group.


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