Spectrophotometric Complex formation Study of Murexide with Nickel and Cobalt in Aqueous Solution


Khaled Muftah Elsherif, Fatima Nabber, Abdunaser Mabrok Ewlad-Ahmed, Noor el Huda M

In the present study, the formation constant and the stoichiometry of murexide complexes with Co (II) and Ni (II) have been determined spectrophotometrically in aqueous solution at 25oC. Two experimental parameters governed the complex formation, pH and time, have been investigated. The formation and stoichiometry constants have been determined by two methods: Job's and mole ratio's methods. The absorption maxima for Co-murexide and Ni-murexide complexes were: 480, 460 nm, respectively. The two Spectrophotometric methods confirm the formation of 2:1 (M:L) complexes with stability arrange of: Co > Ni. The formation constants (Kf) determined by the Job's method were as follows: 2.06x1014 and 1.21x1011 for Co-murexide and Ni-murexide, respectively. Also, using mole ratio's method, the formation constants were found to be:  9.18x1011 and 6.01x1011. Molar absorptivity values of the studied complexes have also been determined (by Job's and mole ratio's methods) and the average values were: 18235 and 13284 l/mol.cm for Co and Ni, respectively.


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