Muhammad Arshad Ullah, Zubair Rehman, Syed Ishtiaq Hyder, Ahmad Khan, Rizwan Ahmad

The study was planned to assess the phosphorous status of apple orchards around Quetta valley through soil and plant analysis. Two hundred soil samples were acquired from 40 different locations of 05 orchards at  0-15, 15-30, 30-45, 45-60, 60- 75 and 75-90 cm depths. The soil samples were analyzed for available phosphorous by AB-DTPA method. At the same time forty apple trees were selected for leaves samples and analyzed for plant phosphorous content by Rhoades, 1982 .AB-DTPA phosphorous in soil showed a sizeable variation ranging from 0.24 to 14.46 mg kg-1. Whereby plant analysis registered minimum phosphorous content 0.06% and the maximum phosphorous content 0.47% in apple plant leaves which confirms phosphorous concentration found deficient in apple orchards of Quetta valley.


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