Dielectric Properties of Drugs at Lower Frequency Range from 3 KHz to 5 MHz by using Impedance Analyzer


Abdul Jaleel A.H, Sayyeda Ruhi Nishat, Shaikh Ifrah Fatima, Shaikh Y. H

Study of dielectric properties of medicinal compounds is useful for pharmaceutical industries for design, development, and modification of dosage-form. In view of this, we selected five different medicinal compounds of importance in medicine to study their dielectric properties in terms of dielectric constant, dielectric loss, and tangent loss. We used the LCR-Q meter (impedance analyzer model IM3570) for the determination of dielectric properties. Drugs were procured (A R Grade) in powder form for making Pallets. The findings in terms of the measured values of dielectric constant, dielectric loss, and tangent loss at different frequencies are presented in graphical form and result discussed.


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