Ikyenge Aloo Barnabas, I. G. Agbidye , S. S. Igirah

Thevetia nerrifolia seed oil was extracted from the seed-bearing oil using hot extraction method involving the use of Soxhlet apparatus. The oil was characterized for physicochemical properties which include; specific gravity, refractive index, acid value, iodine value, and saponification value respectively. N, N-bis (2-hydroxyl ethyl) Fatty amide was obtained from the oil by reacting the oil with diethanolamine at 120oC, which was then reacted with phthalic anhydride at 140-150oC to give poly (ester amide). The poly (ester amide) was modified by reacting with 2, 4-diisocyanate under N2 atmosphere at 120oC to give poly (ester amide) urethane. Physicochemical characterization was carried out on both fatty amides, the unmodified and modified poly (ester amide). The film properties and chemical resistance were carried out on both the unmodified and urethane modified poly (ester amide). FTIR and TGA analysis were also carried out on the unmodified and the modified poly (ester amide). Findings revealed that the oil is semi-drying; suitable for surface coatings and that the performances of the poly (ester amide) were enhanced in terms of chemical resistance, film properties and thermal stability upon modification with a diisocyanate.


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